My Writings

My writing is far from amazing, but it's one of the few things I can do well.

Here's a sample and a few links to the others. Hope you like!

The Ways

Racing around in circles
Wandering, looking for the ways
Everyday tunnels mixed
Into an unending maze
The little sanity left
Turns into a craze
The little job of life
Almost never pays
The problems of our life
We always hope as a phase
But only goes away
With the right set of plays
The only hope for right
Is to look for the ways

Brian Baker, 1998
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Self Image!
Information about myself
Pictures and bios of friends
Theme Music!
Web page of my old singing group, the B-Sharps
My online journal at
Tests and Links!
Some fun and interesting Test and Links

Untitled Story
The latest story. Actually, this was originally made as a journal entry on Live Journal, so the format is strange, and it also came with a few fun suggestions for characters.

Magic of Aeturnus
This is my first novel. For good reasons, I'm not going to put the whole thing on here. You'll just have to deal with it!

Magic of Aeturnis Book 2
Here's the beginning of the sequel.

Porridge Pond
The first poem I've had on the computer... Really stupid, but I thought I'd put it up anyway!

Darkness and Light
One of my original, and farely cool, poems...

Caught in the Act
Fairly humorous poem.

The Morning After
A short story about brain washing and stuff. It's pretty cool!

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