Porridge Pond

Once in the town of Oak Ridge
Near the house of a man named Midge
There was a small pond
That could always be found
And was affectionately named Porridge.

This small pond in the ground
Always seemed to be around
Thanks to a stream
Whose stem had seemed
To come from somewhere downtown.

The pond was surrounded by mice,
And frogs and birds who were nice
And so people came
To visit the tame
Animals and feed them rice.

But most of the people who came
Did not want to these same
But their true wish
Was to see the fish
That gave the pond so much fame.

For you see, the pond was flowing
Of fish that were oddly growing
And the closer you be
The better you see
That the fish were actually glowing.

And so Midge was very happy
that people loved something so nappy
And so he believed
That he could achieve
By investing in those this sappy.

And so he set up a toll
For those who in just strolled
And those who wanted
To see the flaunted
Fish in the small water hole.

He quit his job at the plant.
The government gave him a grant
To build a hotel
which had rods to sell
to catch the fish with some plants.

However, there came a day
When nobody came to play.
The fishes were gone
And so were the ones
Who could have afforded to pay.

Midge now started to sob
He had no money and no job.
So he went broke
And ended a bloke
Who lived in a dilapidated lodge.

Not caring, he grew a long beard.
He talked only to those he held dear.
He spoke of his wish
To again see the fish
But sadly, they never appeared.

Brian Baker, 1997

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