Which Rurouni Kenshin character are YOU?

Which member of the Juppon Gatana are YOU?

Which Anime pet are you?

How do you use magic?

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The webpage of the imfamous manga-ka, ReverseBlade, and home of her webcomic, Battousai High. Well, maybe she's not imfamous, but dang it, she should be! ^_^ just kidding. Really, though, it's an AWESOME looking site, and she does have a great webcomic on there. Definitely worth your time, for any Kenshin/Anime fan!

Probably one of the best web comics out there in my opinion, right up there with Mac Hall. It's the difference basically between great story line and great completely random funniness (if that is indeed a word), so you can't really compare the two. But yeah, so anyways, check them both out. Oh, and if you can get Piro to write you back, tell him to e-mail me, dang it! I've written him 3 times!

Well, usually, I plug sites I like here, and when I first put this link up, I did really like this one. However, they are kinda slackin' off now. There hasn't been anything good come from the site in a couple of months. But, I can't help but leave it up; it does have some good old stuff on there. So check it out, and bug them to do more!

Just a fun little site for takin' quiz thingies on bishoujo. Couldn't help myself! Washuuuuuu!! 1