Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you?
Take this quiz to find out!

1. Ok, easy one. Male or Female?

Somewhere in between

2. How big are you?

Pretty short and skinny
Just your average joe
My hair makes me look tall
I've got a nice, feminine build
I'm ripped
I've been known to dwarf houses

3. How smart are you?

I think I'm a genius
Pretty damn smart
Average person
I have better things to do than think

4. Have you been to jail?

Yes, and I've spent years repenting for what I've done
Yes, but only for my own protection. Really.
Yes, but I cut a deal to get out
Like they'd ever catch me
No, I'd kill myself
No, I'd kill as many people as I could until they took me down

5. What's your weapon of choice?

My one good sword
Everything I own
Something unique
A good weapon, but kept hidden
My fists
The guy next to me

6. Any cool hobbies?

I like to collect things
Breaking things. Like walls.
I've always been a good listener
I do drag
Manipulating other people
Let's just say, they're "private" hobbies
Organizing and coodernating
Does taking over the world count?

7. BAM! I just gave you a super power. What was it?

I'm freakin' huge!
I can leap over buildings in a single bound!
I'm a freakin' genious!
I've got super-senses!
Hypnotic powers!
Gravity-defying hair!
Gravity-defying clothes!
Two words for you: It's Pat!
Super-defense powers!

8. What's your opinion of Shishio

He's one helluva leader
I think I'm in love...
He's only a means to an end
I will kill him
He's the strongest in the world!
Uh, he's ok, I guess

9. What's the secret behind your fighting style?

How I can use my special weapon
My enormous size
That guy
Listening and predicting
One devasting move
Aerial maneuvers

10. What's the meaning of life?

Ya gotta enjoy it.
Uh... heh heh
It's all about me.
To be accepted.
To get your revenge.
A good challenge.
Only the strongest will survive.
To bring about salvation.
Do everything you can for the one you love.

Questions and answers © 2002 Brimo and ReverseBlade.