Still some more friends!

(is it ever gonna end?!?)

Hey! Here's a bunch of people whom I know and met somewhere! Try to find them if u can!


Although I have to admit, Catie and I did have a strange start when she first moved here, we have grown close over the years. Always hyper and usually happy (and I feel sorry for those nearby when she's not), Catie is usually a good one to help bring me out of a slump, even if she doesn't realize that I am in one! She lives about a block away, and is one of the few people in my neighborhood my age. Always keeping the conversations interesting, I'm happy she just happen to move so close!

Hmm, nice little phallic symbol in the foreground, don't you think so? I think that describes Catie pretty well...


Another friend I have through the Internet, but fortunately, in this case, I should be able to redemy that minor setback soon! She lives near Knoxville, and we plan on meeting each other as soon as I return from college! She is really sweet, and beautiful to boot. And she has an excellent judge of character (obviously, she found me!). She's starting her senior year of high school this year, and although bummed cuz it starts late (middle of october! Ugh!), I promise I will be behind her every step of the way! ;-) u go sweetheart!


I ALMOST put up the freaky picture of Mike here, but I'll have to save that one for another time. Sorry! Mike and I have been friends for a while now, and although at times he seems to withdraw, he is always there whenever I need him. He never turns his back on anyone, or anything, that needs attention. A great guy, and lots of fun, he's not one you can easily pass by! He's got his own page, too. Click on his picture to see it!


As you can probably tell by the picture, Jeremiah is a BIG dude! Do NOT get in his way where ever he is going. Although he usually won't do anything to you on purpose, accidents can happen, and accidents can hurt bad! Jeremiah is just starting out web page stuff, but he hasn't given me an address yet (hint, hint) so it's not on here. Hopefully, it will be soon (hint again, hint again). He's a fun guy to be around, and has a surprisingly well-rounded wit for a football player!

Clarence Miracle

What to say about Clarence. At least, what to say without sarcasm. Hold on, give me a minute...

No, really, Clarence is a great guy. He's hilarious, and can make most anyone smile (although I think I've found a few challenges for him). We work together at US Cellular, and try to keep all the customers in line. He likes to travel, and he has photos on his webpage, too! Click on his photo to go to his page, or you can click on his name to send him an e-mail.


This here is my adopted momma! ;-) A graduate student at Clemson U., James has helped me out a lot ever since I started here. He's a great friend, despite some short-comings that simply come from being a human! He's kept me religiously sound and morally straight the entire time I have been here, even though it hasn't been that long yet! He's helped me out with school, food, and mental problems, both real and many (thank God) imagined. He really has almost been a mother to me. Be careful, though... if you're around him too much, he may just adopt YOU!

Oh, and you can also click on his pic or his name and go to his website!

Jim Bilodeau

Jim is an old, old friend! Probably, out of all my friends, he and Louis are tied for the ones I have known for the longest time! Straight from boyscouts to whenever I make it back to New York, Jim and I have stayed pretty close through most everything, even though at times communication is tough because of the distance. But whenever I do come back to the old home, Jim always seems to somehow be the first one I find, and I'm always greeted happily!

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