It's some more friends!

(amazing, ain't it?)

Hey! Here's a bunch of people whom I know and met somewhere! Try to find them if u can!


After waiting close to an eternity for a picture of this girl, I FINALLY got one (must admit, it took a lot of begging, but in the end, she gave it up willingly. Surprised? So am I) But "anyhoo," this is yet another good friend I made in upstate NY, and one of the stranger spirits I have had the pleasure to come across. Friendly, but tough as nails, Kristen usually turns out to be both the leader and the bonding unit of the strange circle of friends kept up in the north. And if that isn't stressful, I don't know what is.


PRETEENS!!! A good friend of mine, Dustin, although usually very outgoing, refuses to give me any picture but this pic from prom! :-P Oh, well. As you can tell, Dustin is a whole lotta fun. Although not the best dancer in the world, he's good at faking it. His comedy, although at times perverted, is quite funny, and I must award him the "Best Comic Relief" of my friends, a tie with my friend Jordan (who also won't give up a pic, go fig).


I guess since Brad is James's adopted momma, and James is my adopted momma, that would in turn make Brad my adopted grandma. A GRANDPARENT!! YAY!! Brad was one of the first friends (besides my roommate, of course) that I made when I came here. He sat next to me in Choir, and one day, while I was just wandering around the campus, I hear "Hey, Brian!" coming from across the court yard. It's been downhill from there ever since. ;-) Brad's helped me out just as much as James has, if not more. I've made almost all the friends I do have from him, and despite how much I might complain about some of them, I can never thank him enough, nor repay him (not that he'd let me if I could). As long as his dates don't go screwy right beforehand, Brad is always among the best company I can have.

Ok, since Brad's two websites aren't linked together (don't ask), his name will send you to his website, while his picture will send you to his B-Sharps web page, where I got the picture from.


Yet another of the wacky people I have met at Clemson U! Erica is probably counted as one of the most unique of my friends. We both know more about each other than either of us care to admit in public. Once again, like most of my other friends here, we met on strange surcumstances... at an audition for the play Cloud 9 (and if you know the play, that in and of itself is strange), and she simply asked to borrow my copy of the script. Poor girl hasn't been able to shake me since! We hang out a lot together now... some of her friends call me "the stalker," but usually that means legal trouble, and she hasn't seemed to shove me away yet! Well, maybe once... but I'm not stalking her! Really! Honest! Don't ya believe me?!?

Brianne Carroll

Well, here we go, yet another friend that I stole! Brianne is actually a good friend of Mike, one of my best friends, so I can't claim original friendship. I can't let that stand in the way, though, can I? Brianne's actually from Oregon, and is one of the most delightful people I have met. Well, I haven't REALLY met her... but I might as well have. :-D She full to bursting with the Spirit, and it shows in most everything she does. If you need evidence, click on her name, and it will take you to her website. All in all, she's a fantastic person, and I'm glad Mike's willing to share his friends!

Jennifer Davis

Probably the most beautiful of all my friends (although you will NEVER catch me saying that to her face), I stumble across Jennifer when I first moved here, in Physical Science class. I discovered (to my surprise, to say the least) that she was quite the conversationalist, and we talked often before, during, and after class. Although we didn't find each other much after that class for a while, we caught up with each other during our Junior year (Now THAT's an interesting story, which I won't get into here). Now, she is still a good friend of mine, and always brings up just as good of coversations, even if she does feel she has to throw in a sarcastic comment every now and then! ;-)


Ok, I could have SWORN I had a picture of Adam early on this page... BUT it seems to have disappeared, so I am going to put up a new one! HA! I thwart the deep recesses of my subconscious! *ehem!* Excuse me... Anyway, Adam is probably one of the most level headed of all my friends, a quality in which I pride myself in when I am not around him (I hate that he shows me up in this! :-P) An outdoor enthusiast, he also seems to have the best sense of direction of all of us (both literally and metaphorically). Put simply, he's a great leader or navigator, depending on his mood. Just don't get in his line of sight when playing paintball...

Hey, this background looks a little familiar.... Hmm....

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