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Hey, I don't really know if anyone wants to know anything about me, but here's some stuff anyway!

Ok, anyway, my big scary picture has been officially removed. Yay! New ones will be coming up soon. I hope.

So, to begin with, name is Brian Baker. I live in the all-too-friendly state of TN in good ol' USA. I'm 21 and a roamer support representative for US Cellular. I'm also a full time student at UT. I just started this year, so I'm a freshman, and have not declared a major yet.

As you can probably tell from the rest of the site, I like to write. Besides just poetry, I've been working on a few novels for a couple of years now. I've finished them in my head, but I have yet to write them down. Sorry!

Besides that, I go hiking, play paintball, and cruise around a lot. Most of my free time I spend with my friends. I've recently started taking Isshinryu Karate, so I'm finally getting back in shape. My dojo has a website as well, but I'm not sure of it. Once I find out, I will be sure to post it. I also play video games and I LOVE to dance! I've done a lot of different kinds, including ballet, swing, line dancing and just regular club-hopping.

I'm on AOL's IM, so if u wanna find me, my name is Lil Brimo. On MSN, my buddy name is lilbrimo (noticing a pattern here?). I also keep a livejournal now. You can find that by clicking here

That's about it! Hope to talk to you in the future!

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I guess this would be considered the most recent picture of me. In truth, there's newer, but I just haven't had a chance to upload them. Don't worry, they're coming! Be patient! I don't know why this is in here, but what the heck! I guess I'm just pretty fly (for a white guy!)
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