It's my friends!

(yes, I actually have some)

Hey! Here's a bunch of people whom I know and met somewhere! Try to find them if u can!


Ant has to be the best friend I've got. He lives about a mile away, and he has a scanner. That's it. Just kidding! Ant was one of the first friends I had made, in spite of me, when I came to Tennessee. For a while, we weren't really great friends; we barely spoke at all. Then, it turned out we had the same class, then the same church, then the same job... Needless to say, neither one of us had much choice but to be friends. I mean, I can recall quite a few times when I've been asked if we're brothers! When I can peel him off of his girlfriend, Jen (who's just a little scroll down...), we hang out a lot. We're into the same sports, same hobbies, same laid-back and still hectic lifestyle.


This here is my big sis! Well, not really, but she's taking me under her wing ever since I started on the net. I owe my whole website to her. :) Maybe one day I'll be able to repay her. That might be a little hard, though, seeing how she lives in Asia... but then again, she's in NY for college, so we'll see what happens. There's always a chance... Anyway, a link to her web sight is on the main page, as well as here. Check it out!


This here is the man that I owe the fact that I did not contemplate suicide early on in my life! Louis was the first friend I have ever made, and I doubt our friendship will ever pass away. He gave me what self confidence I possessed in New York, and always stayed my friend despite the fact we never dwelled in the same crowd after 5th grade, and I moved after 8th. Surprisingly, his family is just as big as mine (It seems strange that all my best friends have large families... Weird...) Although I haven't talked to him in a long time, it always seems like no time has passed whenever we see each other again. Thanks for all the spared time, Lou!


Somehow, I managed to meet Steph on ICQ through her cousin whom I still don't know (I'm still trying to figure out how, but hey, I'm not going to knock it). She lives in Pennsylvania, is a junior in high school, and pretty besides. Although we haven't met each other yet, it should prove interesting if we do. Check out her webpage! Sign her guestbook and tell her I sent you. But if I find out you signed hers and not mine...


Yes, I am friends with Kenshin Himura, the Battousai! :-D Anyway, this is my friend who, in all truth, could probably give the rurouni a run for his money. Marissa is a karate instructor at Wheeler's School of Karate and Arnis, a dojo in Powell, TN. She's also an anime fanatic. The picture was actually taken at an Anime festival in Atlanta, GA, where the two of us dressed up as characters from the Kenshin series. Yes, what Marissa is remembered most for is summed up in this picture: Anime, sweets, and sharp objects. Seriously, the two of us are really good friends, thanks to a huge amount of things we have in common (like Anime, sweets, and sharp objects.)

Click on her pic to go to her website, or her name and send her an e-mail!

Jennifer, a.k.a. Jenn-o!

This here is Miss Fruity herself! She's fun to hang out with, as long as short hair doesn't make you think a girl is gay (what ever u do, DO NOT mention that!). She's a riot every minute, and is probably one of the most valued friends I have, whenever I can get her and Anthony apart for long enough! :-P She's part-creator of the elite group we like to call "Coffeeing," a small group of friends who like to visit random coffee shops and talk about nothing in particular. Despite strange visits in the middle of the night, Jennifer is one of the most trustworthy friends I have.

Carrie, aka Tiger!

Ain't she just precious? Carrie has turned out to be yet another of the great friends I have made in college. Although often emotionally drained, you can always catch her with the cutest expressions on her face! Whether just smiling, goofing off, or just in a silly mood, Carrie always seems to bring the best out of the people around her, even if she's not not having the best of times herself. She's always honest and open, but does a good job of making sure she doesn't hurt anyone in the process.

Click on her pic to see her website, too!


If you ever feel emotionally drained, just talk to this man right here! The epitome of hard times, you just can't help feel sorry for this guy... yeah, right! Seriously, if u ever want a good, serious talk, this is the man to go to. He's got a huge heart and has always seemed to be there. He's also very down to earth, which is a surprise for anyone coming out of Queensbury. Sometimes he's lacking a little in the sense of humor department, but that's usually remedied pretty easily! Smurph... well, what can I say? He's DA MAN!

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